Lamborghini Countach LP400 Specs

Lamborghini Countach LP400 Reviews – After Bob Wallace of the pop in the year 1982 it was time to make a new prototype production further. lamborghini_countach_lp400

Lamborghini engineers for it was clear that the Countach’s, an extraordinary car is not a normal stainless steel sheet welded on the frame, does not, it is the body, which is like a “Vanguard” of the cars in the form of. That made the formula as the tube, the tube frame is made of Marchesi and weighed 90 pounds, 17 less than a prototype steel correspondent.

4 l engine of the prototype has been used, the engine: the Espada and powerful change, then became the major offices and camshaft timing has been changed. In the next picture you can see engineers in the new frame of the engine installation.
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The filled chassis was sent to Bertone, which shall draw up the bodywork and Interior. This time, the aluminum alloy thickness 1.2 mm will do through the body, and the prototype was made of steel.

The car had 2 resting vertically, wiper blades, the instrument panel was covered with suede, leather is black leather. Midtunnel was over by the time the dashboard air vents to the repeated pikenevate and more in control.

The handbrake lever is located to the left, to the right, of Prague, is a small drawer, unfortunately, little useful to the compartment shall not happen in cars in production.
It should be 25 years the car useful space is used again, this time at home to electrical switches in the seats and Windows. The red car was later painted green and the 1986 Paris Motor Show, now it was changed to one windscreen wiper has shown, and it is focused on the open air scoop spoiler brake cooling.

This is the second ever built for the construction of the main model used in the Countach. At the seminar, Mr. Raniero Orbassano created by this master of Elmwood.
22. August 1973 the most important model was taken to St. Agatha, which is used to build more Countachs. Its main model it is possible to produce all the necessary tools and the body.

Now is the time to make the first examples of a preseries of cars, the most famous is the yellow one of the first in the sales brochures and commercial versions. Also, this car will be the next Geneva Motor Show in 1974, to say so, to the last minute the car it was at 2:30, the opening day of the car was ready and trucked to Geneva.

Restore the first Lamborghini LP400 is lack of money, and is on sale, nearly 20 years after the birth I was able to find in this historic Countach in the Swiss alpes. Yahoo auction in 2000 found, but unfortunately, there is an extra in your pocket.

After visiting the car, is now without a doubt is the first 1120001 the wheel of the # Countach House inside is still red in color, and you can see the captured grains also brake cooling grids of the various airport under the picture of the first track. The suspension was fitted with height-adjustable Konis and other parts such as the small window is different from the production of cars.

On the second picture you can see the difference between the room of the passengers, a compartment door sills and the medium of tunnel in a completely different form. The dashboard is also another form of, perhaps, will change the position of the head against a narrow, to avoid reflections.


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